What's an Alternative For Bad Broadband?

Episode 1823 (1:48:00)

Pam from LaHabra, CA

Pam just bought a house in Arizona and the area doesn't have the best internet service. How can she improve the speed? Leo says most have two choices ... the phone company or the cable company.  Anything else is wireless. T-Mobile is offering cellular internet home access, though. It's a bit more expensive, but if her cellular is good in the area, it's an option. WISP is an option. But the newest, hottest option is Elon Musk's Starlink service. But it's not cheap. $99 a month plus $500 for equipment. She will need a clear view of the entire sky for it to work. But she can get around 200 MBit per second. It's pretty good. Leo also recommends getting her own modem and router. Don't use what they provide. They charge for it and it's probably too old anyway. Leo also recommends using Mesh WiFi. That'll give her the best connectivity, especially if she's using security cameras. Leo likes Eero.