Johnny Jet ... Postponed

Episode 1823 (1:23:11)

Johnny Jet

Johnny joins Leo to talk about why it may be a good idea to postpone (again) that trip to Hawaii because of the Delta variant.  Mandates are not likely going to happen, but the reality is that they don't want you to come, and you won't get that Hawaiian experience anyway. And you'll have to be tested to get back into the intercontinental US. So Johnny says that 2021 is the year of the staycation. Stay home. 

The good news is that Quantus is going to be resuming international flights in December. Bad news ... Al Italia airlines are going out of business.  The EU is also planning to restrict Americans from coming to Europe. But some may still allow it. Greece did last time. 

Johnny's Nine Tips for Avoiding Covid While Flying

1. upgrade to first class with your miles. It's cheap now.

2. Get CLEAR or TSA Pre

3. Book the last row of a cabin. 

4. Check-in online

5. Use curbside check-in

6. Have family wait outside the terminal

7. Find a quiet place to wait

8. Be the last to board

9. Avoid crowded baggage carousels