Why's My New M1 MacBook Slow?

Episode 1821 (38:40)

Ryan from Southern California

Ryan's mom had an old 2013 Macbook that the battery is starting to swell. Leo says that Apple will replace it for a price. About $129. She can also do it through iFixit. It's a pretty easy fix. And she'll save money since the battery itself is really only around $60. But if it's a retina Macbook, it's been glued in and so she can't do it.

They bought an M1 Mac though, but it seems to be running slow in Adobe Lightroom. Leo says that shouldn't be happening. It should actually be at least twice as fast according to Adobe. Leo says it could be a bad photo catalog. Try rebuilding it. Or start fresh and re-import the photos. It could also be a problem with too little RAM. She may want to get more RAM for it, if possible.