The Giz Wiz ... massaged

Episode 1821 (2:11:00)


It's August and that means it's back to school! The Swissdigital Design massaging backpack has plenty of pockets for laptop, tablet, cellphones, books, water bottle, hand sanitizer, mask, and other essentials. A built-in USB power port allows you to charge on the go. A front of the backpack power connection lets you power up vital accessories without having to open any of the 14 pockets. (You use  your own  battery bank, none are included.) The backpack body materials are made from water resistance coating to keep valuable items inside dry. Although the risk seems to be very low, an RFID protection pocket keeps credit cards, passport, and personal data safe from an electronic pickpocket. Swissdigital Design has your back…literally! That’s because this is the only backpack I’ve seen with a built in 3-way massage feature. Your battery bank will power the massage feature.

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Here’s is the backpack WITHOUT the massage feature:   

BestBuy seems have the best buy on this backpack:

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