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Watch Billy from San Diego, CA Comments

Billy has suddenly been having issues with his printer/scanner since the latest macOS Big Sur update. Basically, he gets an error that he doesn't have permission to run the app. Leo says that's Apple's new Gatekeeper security feature that will only allow him to run apps only from the App Store or approved by Apple. There is a workaround though until Apple puts out a fix. Here are the steps:

  • Quit any apps that are open.
  • From the menu bar in the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.
  • Type /Library/Image Capture/Devices, then press Return.
  • In the window that opens, double-click the app named in the error message. It's the name of your scanner driver. Nothing should happen when you open it.
  • Close the window and open the app you were using to scan. A new scan should proceed normally. If you later choose to scan from a different app and get the same error, repeat these steps.


It's also possible that it's a permissions issue.

Watch Mike from Hampton, VA Comments

Mike's mother doesn't have the ability to get internet other than a cellular option through Verizon. Leo says that Verizon has a home internet package, as does T-Mobile. But if her Verizon is good, it'll be costly but it's doable. The other option is satellite. With Elon Musk's Starlink service, she can get 100-200 Mbps download. And it'll keep getting faster as more satellites come online. The downside is the price. $99 a month plus $500 for the equipment. 

Watch Ryan from Southern California Comments

Ryan's mom had an old 2013 Macbook that the battery is starting to swell. Leo says that Apple will replace it for a price. About $129. She can also do it through iFixit. It's a pretty easy fix. And she'll save money since the battery itself is really only around $60. But if it's a retina Macbook, it's been glued in and so she can't do it.

They bought an M1 Mac though, but it seems to be running slow in Adobe Lightroom. Leo says that shouldn't be happening. It should actually be at least twice as fast according to Adobe. Leo says it could be a bad photo catalog. Try rebuilding it. Or start fresh and re-import the photos. It could also be a problem with too little RAM. She may want to get more RAM for it, if possible.

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Watch David from Atlanta, GA Comments

David has an Android phone and he's using the PetCube app to watch his pets remotely. But he's having issues getting the signal via wifi. It's really slow. Leo says that he doesn't normally have WiFi peer-to-peer notifications. It has to go up to PetCube's server first, and then to the phone. Look in the notifications setup to see if the push notifications are being allowed to wake up the phone. Leo suspects that the PetCube server is probably running really slow. He could check with a friend who has an iPhone to see if it runs faster. 

From the chatroom - the app developer determines the Minimum Background Fetch Interval, and it is associated with a battery profile. So it could be set for a slower setting. 

Watch Micah from Maine Comments

Micah recently got a new WiFi radio from C. Crane that uses the new backend called SkyTune. And the good news is, that should SkyTune go out of business as Receiva did, he will still be able to manually input the radio station URL. Leo says that one of the things he likes about C. Crane is that they will stand behind their products, even when something happens that is out of their control. But sometimes, he runs into a problem where the stream won't work because the URL doesn't end in mp3 or m3u. Leo says that more modern streams use PLS as an extension, and it could be the main service isn't offering that.  

Watch David from La Mirada, CA Comments

David has a domain for his business, and he wants to change web hosts.  Leo says while he used GoDaddy to register a domain, he doesn't have to pay them to host the site. He can use a new hosting company and then just change the domain forwarding record. WordPress has a good service. So he can cancel the service with GoDaddy and use another company without losing his domain name. He can also use a different company for email. Leo likes FastMail for that.  He could also use Gmail if he wants a free option. That's what Leo would recommend. Then tell GoDaddy he doesn't want to pay for anything else and cancel them. He'll have to alter the domain forwarding for an email to Gmail, but it's very doable. He can also move the domain registrar.

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Watch Diane from Chicago, IL Comments

Diane is breaking up with Google. She's sick of their changing rules when it comes to Google Photos and Google Drive. Since Google has dropped the unlimited option and she's now running out of room. How can she move her data to a new option? She's mostly concerned with her music at Google Music. How does she delete her mp3s from Google Drive? Leo says she can right-click on each mp3 and select remove. It'll then move them to the trash can, and will be removed after 30 days. She can also manually empty the trash can. 

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris is looking to buy the new iMac and wants to know if he should go 16GB RAM and 1TB storage to future proof his M1 iMac. Leo says it depends. While ideally, he doesn't really need to have 16GB. Apple has really streamlined the RAM use so 8GB is optimum. But if he's doing heavy apps like video editing, etc. 16GB may be a good idea. But if not, then 8GB is fine. Definitely go for the 1TB drive though. But Leo suspects that Apple may be putting out a larger iMac later this year. There's talk of a 32" screen. So if he wants to wait a few months, it's probably worth it.

Watch John from Algarve. Portugal Comments

John is getting a message asking for his BitLocker key. He's never turned it on. Leo says that BitLocker is a Windows encryption app, and it uses certificates to unlock and lock it. It sounds like John may have turned it on during setup without realizing it. If he didn't make a backup copy of the certificate, and he loses it, he may be in trouble. But it does offer to save the certificate to a Microsoft account, so look there to see if the cert is there. Search for BitLocker Recovery Keys.  If it's not there, then John may be out of luck and will have to format his drive, reinstall Windows 10 and start over.