What Phone Should I Upgrade To?

Episode 1820 (1:47:26)

Charmaine from Los Angeles, CA
iPhone 12

Charmaine wants to get a new iPhone to replace her iPhone 6. Should she buy one now? Leo says that the iPhone 13 should be announced in about three weeks. Either September 8th or 4th. Preorders will likely be the Friday after the announcement, for delivery about a week later. But it's unclear what availability will be due to the chip shortage. So if you want to get a new phone now, there's plenty of iPhone 12s to be had, and you'll be very happy with the results. The iPhone 13 won't be that big of an update. Leo's suggestion is to wait until the new iPhone gets announced because it's likely the price of the iPhone 12 will drop. If you're an Android fan, the Google Pixel 6 is coming. But there's also the Samsung S21 will have a great zoom as well. 

Apple also traditionally ships a less expensive iPhone. It'll be a very good and affordable option: about half the price.