What Computer Monitor Should I Buy?

Episode 1820 (39:40)

Harry from Mississauga, Canada
Dell U4320Q Monitor

Harry wants to get a new monitor that will last a long time but won't cost an arm and a leg. Leo suggests going to Dell. They have a lower-end line of monitors for everyday use that doesn't require super accuracy of colors or resolution. They are still very good and very affordable. But remember that a bigger monitor doesn't make text bigger. It'll actually make them appear smaller. So you'll need to change the resolution in Windows 10 to make the size of the text larger by adjusting the monitor resolution. But that also means reducing the amount of real estate you can see. So Leo suggests getting a larger monitor. Dell makes them as large as 49". And you won't need a gaming monitor or even a 4K monitor. So you should get a very affordable new 4K monitor for about $875. You may be able to get them cheaper if they're 1080p.