Chris Marquardt: In Motion

Episode 1820 (1:18:01)

Chris Marquardt

We're going to look at the CAMERA IN MOTION today with Chris. Chris says today's modern cameras can make it really hard to create camera shake because of image stabilization. But it is possible to introduce motion into your photography. Set your camera on a longer exposure, and then take a picture while driving or riding the subway. You'll get neat streaks in the background. You can also try on a moving sidewalk. Very interesting.

Fireworks can use motion by throwing things out of focus while the fireworks go off. It can create more "volume" of the explosion. The panning shot is another good one. Pan with your subject while in long exposure. If you time it right, it takes practice; it'll make the subject look still while the background appears to move. You can vertically do the same to create a real abstract look. 

Rotation. Set up a long exposure and place the camera on a playground carousel. It'll turn the world into a round streak. And don't forget to use an external flash to flash the image while moving the subject repeatedly. You can create multiple exposures that look wild. 

So break some rules and experiment!

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