Can I Use a Script to Streamline My Windows Installation?

Episode 1819 (58:50)

David from San Diego, CA

David wants to configure Windows to make it run faster. There's a thing called TronScript that promises to streamline it. Leo hasn't used it, so he can't really recommend it. But if it eliminates a lot of Windows bloat, why not try it? Leo has a Powershell script that he runs on every PC he gets to get rid of unwanted apps that can slow a PC down. But be careful and research it thoroughly. There's a REDDIT thread on it here.

One thing Tron will do is remove the PCs ability to phone home to Microsoft (called "telemetry"). It'll also remove OneDrive so it won't bug one to sign up for it anymore.  But it will also let users skip updates, which makes Leo nervous. Turn on Verbose mode and see what it's really doing.