Can I Cast to My TV From My Cell Phone Without WiFi?

Episode 1819 (41:00)

WD from Hell's Kitchen, NY

WD would like to cut the cord, but he doesn't want to pay extra for the internet as well. Leo says that's what ISPs will do. If he has a cable provider also handling internet access, they'll just make up for the cord-cutting by jacking up the rate on internet access. Can he cast to his SmartTV and just use his mobile data plan? Leo says it depends on what his cellular carrier provides. Most will have data caps, but if he doesn't do it all the time, he can "cast" it. It's called DNLA, or Miracast. Samsung can do it if both TV and mobile phone are Samsung. It's called SmartView. And he won't need anything extra.

He can also get a $35 Chromecast and do it. Here's how.

It really comes down to what mobile carriers will allow.