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Watch Rick from San Diego, CA Comments

Rick needs to buy a video projector for his job. He needs one that can display in a bright room. Leo says he doesn't want one that has a bulb. He'll want a laser or LED. Lumens indicate "peak brightness," and the higher the better. 

Epson makes some excellent ones, including the Epson Powerlight 1781W. $649. 3200 lumens. Wireless connection. Scott Wilkinson also recommends Viewsonic.

Watch WD from Hell's Kitchen, NY Comments

WD would like to cut the cord, but he doesn't want to pay extra for the internet as well. Leo says that's what ISPs will do. If he has a cable provider also handling internet access, they'll just make up for the cord-cutting by jacking up the rate on internet access. Can he cast to his SmartTV and just use his mobile data plan? Leo says it depends on what his cellular carrier provides. Most will have data caps, but if he doesn't do it all the time, he can "cast" it. It's called DNLA, or Miracast. Samsung can do it if both TV and mobile phone are Samsung. It's called SmartView. And he won't need anything extra.

He can also get a $35 Chromecast and do it. Here's how.

It really comes down to what mobile carriers will allow.  

Watch Neil from Chandler, AZ Comments

Neil recently switched to T-Mobile and wants to know if he should buy a new iPhone now or wait for the iPhone 13? Leo says that the iPhone 13 will be announced in September and it will probably make the iPhone 12 cheaper.  The 13 will likely be a little faster, with a better camera. But no real changes. It's silly to buy one now with the announcement so close. So if he can wait until it's announced, he'll be better off. Follow Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. He's pretty wired into the rumor mill and gets pretty good intel. Also, check out the source leaderboard at to see who's most accurate on rumors. 

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Watch David from San Diego, CA Comments

David wants to configure Windows to make it run faster. There's a thing called TronScript that promises to streamline it. Leo hasn't used it, so he can't really recommend it. But if it eliminates a lot of Windows bloat, why not try it? Leo has a Powershell script that he runs on every PC he gets to get rid of unwanted apps that can slow a PC down. But be careful and research it thoroughly. There's a REDDIT thread on it here.

One thing Tron will do is remove the PCs ability to phone home to Microsoft (called "telemetry"). It'll also remove OneDrive so it won't bug one to sign up for it anymore.  But it will also let users skip updates, which makes Leo nervous. Turn on Verbose mode and see what it's really doing. 

Watch Joanne from Clairmont, CA Comments

Joanne uses a TCL TV as her PC monitor. But now it's starting to look really pixelated. What gives? Leo says that the TV settings are confusing the computer and she's getting a lower resolution. This is a handshake issue with the HDMI connection. It's one of the reasons why Leo doesn't recommend using a TV as a monitor. Try a different HDMI port first. Or a different cable. The cable could be worn out.  Both are easy things to check first. She can also try CTRL-SHIFT-WINDOWS KEY-B, which will reset the display screen video driver. Read more about it here.

Watch Dave from Temecula, CA Comments

Dave has a business and he wants to know if it's worth doing SEO to get better search results on Google. Seems like snake oil. Leo says that there are legitimate SEO companies. But there's a lot of snake oil there, as well. A LOT. And an overly aggressive SEO could actually cause Google to delist him. SO if they make nonorganic suggestions that could "game the system," run away!

Google has a lot of good, trustworthy information at Google Search Central.  That'll get him 90% there. And Google will also give tips on hiring a good SEO company if he decides he needs to. 

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Watch Michael from Anaheim, CA Comments

Michael wants to be able to keep track of his kids. Leo says that Apple has an iPod Touch with texting. But it needs WiFi to work. As soon as the kid leaves school, they aren't connected. That's why parents are giving kids cell phones now. Another option is an Apple Watch. But it's expensive because it has LTE built-in. But it would work. He can even set it up for secondary use. Android Wear watches also work like that. The Galaxy Watch 4 has that capability. Verizon also sells a watch for kids. Called the GIZMO. He could use Apple tags on their backpacks. But that's not a lot of "oomph."

From the ClubTwit Discord: There's also the Guardian Angel Kid Tracker. Also, Back 2 You Personal GPS tracking provider.

Here's a list of the 12 Best Smart Watches for Kids.

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry wants to know how he keeps getting ads on things he was talking about that day. Are they listening to everything he says? But they could be listening for keywords and making those suggestions. Leo says it's not impossible to do, but it would be very hard to do it unnoticed. So Leo doesn't think so. More likely that people around Jerry are searching for similar things and Google is just making a location-based suggestion based on everyone in Jerry's area. We're already giving Google all the information they need without listening in on our conversations. 

Check out the Hydrogen House Project.

Watch Leo from Anaheim, CA Comments

Leo is still having issues with HDCP copy protection. He managed to figure out how to strip the HDCP with a splitter. Leo says that's a fortunate secret side benefit. Many of these converter splitters have that feature. Mostly from China. 

But why is his TV so dark when watching live HD TV? He's done everything he can to lighten it. But it's just plain darker. Leo says it's because of Dolby Vision. His TV provider is sending out an HDR signal that the TV can't decode properly. If the TV supports Dolby Vision, make sure it's enabled. Many modern TVs will support HDR10, but not DolbyVision. So, this is a known problem. His TV has to support HLG.

Here's a good article that explains it.