Rod Pyle: Super Heavy Gets Stacked

Episode 1818 (2:05:00)

Rod Pyle

Rod Pyle joins Leo to talk about how Space X stacked their Starship and Super Heavy Booster this week, making it the largest rocket in history at just under 400' tall and 30' wide. It was part of a fit test, and the rocket was stacked for about an hour. It was a fantastic event to see live on YouTube. Plans are to launch it sometime in September or October, once they get clearance from the FAA. It'll have twenty-nine raptor engines on the Super Heavy booster, and six engines on Starship. And they are designed to be turned around and relaunched within an hour. 

Meanwhile, Boeing has had to postpone their second Starliner launch again due to a valve issue. A setback for Boeing to be sure, but as Leo says, you want to get this right because the first test was a failure.

Rod was also at Kennedy Space Center this week for the Space Settlement Seminar, a summer competition for high schoolers. And he was amazed at how rapt their attention was during the entire event.