Chris Marquardt and Shooting Water

Episode 1818 (1:22:45)


Today's Chris Marquardt photo topic is shooting pictures that have water as a subject.  Depending on how your camera is set, you can get clear or white water showing a flowing-like image. You can also make your water look like fog. Then there are reflections. Reflections are a morning thing. You want to take them early because there's no wind, no motion in the water. That gives the dramatic, crisp reflection.  Shooting reflections at night can also yield a great image, as city lights can reflect from a newly rained on-road (this is called a "wet down" that Hollywood likes to do).

Snow is another challenge. There's a lot of brightness due to the reflection, so you want to stop down your camera a bit to compensate. Also, check out frost and frozen water bubbles. They make very gorgeous images.

Here's a gallery of examples -