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Episode 1818 August 8, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch George from Graz, Austria Comments

George calls from overseas to ask if there is a better way to transcribe his mother's voice. He uses a Google Skill on the phone to do it, but it doesn't do an excellent job with his mother's Austrian accent. Leo says that Otter.AI is a great site for getting transcriptions of prerecorded audio. But if you want to use a Google Skill, you can either build your own skill or rely on the skills that have been built. Google also has its own Recorder site that is excellent. Google Keep's Take a Note is another option. You can try that with a Google Assistant. It'll then save it to Your Google Home Assistant's Note Pad.

You can also try If This, Then That to create a homebrew recipe that can do something similar. 

Watch Joe from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Joe is concerned that if Apple's new fingerprint photo technology is used today to find child porn, how long before other governments use it to root out gay people in Saudi Arabia, or what if the technology is used to out gay kids to their parents? It's definitely a problem. Leo says that's a perfect example of why this technology is problematic. 

Watch John from Calgary, Alberta, CAN Comments

John wants to know if a 512GB Thumb drive is big enough to back up his data. His hard drive is 93% full. Leo says it should be fine to move data over, but an external hard drive is much safer. Thumbdrive's can fail more often than hard drives. You can use a thumb drive, but make sure you have another backup of it. Can I back it up to Carbonite? Leo says that Carbonite doesn't back up external devices. Only your main hard drive. But he definitely agrees that John needs to get his data off that main drive. He needs at least 30% free for it to run properly.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch John from Leesberg, VA Comments

John has an old computer running the latest version of Windows 10. But it's now starting to die out. He'd like to replace it with a new computer. Can he reinstall Windows 10 onto a new computer? Leo says no. He'll need a new version of Windows for that new computer. With Windows 10, Microsoft began tying the OS with the computer (called an entitlement). As such, when he gets a new computer, he needs to install a separate Windows 10 with its own product license. John has the "action pack" version of Windows, which gives him the right to install it on ten different computers though, and his problem is that he can't get Windows installed on the computer. Can he just copy the old hard drive onto a new drive? Leo says yes and no. It's really hard to do because Windows will be looking for hardware that isn't on the new computer. It can be done, and Microsoft has a migration tool for that purpose. But it's really more trouble than it's worth. It's much better to have a clean install. Then install apps as needed. Otherwise, he's bringing old problems with him to the new computer.

Watch Gary from Cheektowaga, NY Comments

Gary wants a program to encrypt his individual files. He's using EaseUS File encrypter, but his iDrive backup won't back them up. Leo says a number of programs will Encrypt before he backs them up. So it sounds like EaseUS may use a backup that doesn't give iDrive permissions to backup. That's likely where the hangup is. Leo recommends using VeraCrypt.

Watch Henry from Prescott Valley, AZ Comments

Henry is thinking about buying a new M1 Mac. Worth it? Leo likes them a lot. Great battery life, low power but high performing. The only question is, will a next-generation M1 chip be coming soon? Leo doesn't think there will be. Maybe an M1+ but not until next year, and even if there is, it won't be THAT much faster. So go for it. The M1 iMac has a gorgeous screen too. The only real negative is a smaller 24" screen. If Henry wants a larger screen, then it would pay to wait until at least September. 

Watch Joe from Gardena, CA Comments

Joe created an app that will let one know how long they can park on a city street. It's called and it's a database that will not only keep track of parking spots but will warn users when the meter is expiring and they're about to get a ticket. Available on iPhone and Android.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Mike from Pillar Point, NY Comments

Mike wants to know if he should wait to buy a computer until Windows 11 comes out. Leo says no. It's largely cosmetic. And any computer customers buy today will be able to upgrade to Windows 11. What about the new iPhone? Leo says that the new iPhone 13 will be announced next month, so it may be worth it to wait a few more weeks, especially if the existing iPhone is a few generations old. But even next month, the improvements won't be all that substantial. 

Watch Terry from Dade City, FL Comments

Terry is concerned that the new iPhone will affect his pacemaker. Leo says that the AMA recommends keeping his phone at least 6 inches away because the iPhone has a huge magnet in it that could affect the pacemaker. It could also erase his credit cards. So don't put that iPhone in a shirt pocket. Read more in this Apple technote. As for credit cards, Apple does sell a special magnetic wallet that can protect credit cards. 

Watch Axel from Venice, CA Comments

Axel's mother has retired and she wants to get a new computer for genealogy research. Leo says that the best option is a Chromebook. Very secure. Only has a browser. It'll work great for it. But users will need to use an online system like The other choice is an iPad. Very simple to use. Leo also recommends the Acer Spin.

Watch Darryl from Loveland, CO Comments

Darryl is a developer, and he has many devices that rely on USB in Windows. But when he tries using them on Surface Pro and Windows 11,  they've stopped working due to the latest Windows update. Leo says it could be an out-of-date driver, but remember that Windows 11 is in Beta and it's likely just a bug. Report it to Microsoft through their bug reporting tool. What he could try is to reboot in safe mode, then remove the drivers manually. Then remove all the files, and reboot. Then reinstall the new drivers. He should be fine then.