Why's My Cell Service Slow?

Episode 1817 (57:30)

David from Hollywood, CA

David is a radio junkie. He loves to stream audio on MetroPCS and he gets a lot of buffering. So he went to Verizon and he has the same problem. Leo says that it may just be the area that David lives in. It could be a congestion issue. But it could also be that since MetroPCS is a second-tier provider to T-Mobile, it's not getting the same service priority for bandwidth. What it may be, is the SIM card. With the new 5G towers, the SIM card may not be giving him the 5G access. So go to the MetroPCS store and get a new, upgraded SIM. Another possibility is that the nearest tower to David may have gone down for maintenance or they were decommissioned. T-Mobile is closing down many of the old Sprint LTE towers, and that may be part of it. David may want to try a different carrier like AT&T. And check out the FCC coverage map for the area - https://fcc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=6c1b2e73d9d749cdb7bc88a0d1bdd25b.