Johnny Jet and the Cancelled Spirit

Episode 1817 (1:19:40)

Johnny Jet

Spirit Airlines has been cancelling hundreds of flights all week, stranding many customers at airports, as they scramble to find another carrier. The problem is, that Spirit doesn't have any agreements with other airlines to put you on another flight. It was so bad, that gate agents were hiding. American Airlines had problems with cancelled flights too, but it wasn't nearly as bad. Why was it happening? Johnny says that airlines weren't expecting a travel surge that happened this week and they don't have the trained staff to accommodate it. Problem is, that even with Americans, there's nowhere to put passengers if a flight gets cancelled because all the flights are full. That's why Johnny recommends getting to the airports extra early, just in case you have to try and find a flight after a cancellation. 

Johnny also says that all travel will likely explode next year as well.