The Giz Wiz ... Personally Cool

Episode 1817

This week's GizWiz Gadget is the Personal Cooling and Heating System.  Keep yourself cool under the heat of the summer sun with the Cooling Bottle and warm under the cold of the winter. Designed for portability, this hand-held device fits in most cup holders and runs on battery power. The fan draws in air, circulates it around the Ice and sends cool air out. Whether you use it at an outdoor sporting event, the beach or just in the comfort of your own home, this device is indispensable when the weather heats up! Vacuum insulated, stainless steel double walled-chamber seals out ambient air to keep ice longer. For Cool-air: Add 2 Cups Ice Cubes(Max.) For Warm-air: Add 2~4 Air Activated Warmers. Runs all day and night on just 3AA batteries (Not Included). Tube is included.

BUT DON'T BUY IT. It's Terrible. Check out Dick's video here:

 Giz Wiz Video:

If you're curious, check it out on Until Gone, where it's only $34.99:

There's a 3.0 Version on Amazon that looks similar but isn't exactly the same. It's $49.99 and the reviews seem to indicated it's not that great. Even their own copy says something like "You'll be up to 20 degrees cooler for about 20 minutes using 2 cups of ice. For that reason, it shuts off automatically after 20 minutes." Here's the link, but Dick isn't going to buy it again. It's probablynot much better as the one above.

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Here's a weird gadget Leo & Dick laughed about 15 years ago, but OMG, it's still around. The ice chest you can drive!

GizWiz link here.