Can I Use My iPhone With Google Fi?

Episode 1817 (40:00)

Ron from Kansas City, MO
 Google Fi

Ron is having issues with TMobile and he's thinking of moving to Google Fi. But he uses an iPhone. Leo says that Google Fi works with the latest iPhone, but it'll still be T-Mobile service or WiFi. And it may even be worse as Google Fi service is an MVNO and T-Mobile will likely prioritize their own customers over MVNO service customers. But Leo uses both services and he doesn't really notice it. For Verizon, try Vizbl.

What's eARC? Scott says that eARC stands for the enhanced audio return channel, and it just has a few bells and whistles. Nothing you can't really live without. Can I play the audio through the Apple HomePod? Leo says only if you use the latest AppleTV 4K, which supports ARC.