How Can I Calibrate My Computer Monitor to Be More Accurate?

Episode 1815 (2:02:10)

David from West Hills, CA

David is into astral photography and he's learning photoshop at the same time. When he processes an image, he checks it on a secondary computer and the look is inconsistent. How can he get them all to show the same image? Should he get a new PC? Leo says that it's a challenge, even for professional photographers because every monitor is different.   Having a monitor that is capable of reproducing the largest gamut of colors can help. He can get a color calibrator, called a Spyder, and that could help. And it's done fairly inexpensively. But since Apple has started color calibrating TVs with the AppleTV and the iPhone, it won't be long before we'll be able to do the same thing with a mobile phone. Check out this website on how to calibrate a monitor.

But the fact is, Print is reflective, while monitors are emissive. That means that one can have a monitor perfectly calibrated, and it will look completely different from a print.