Ängström is a New Word for Processor Size

Episode 1815 (04:00)


"Ängström" is a word that represents 1/10,000,000,000,000th of a centimeter. That's pretty small. Why do we care? Leo says it's because it's the new measure of the latest processors, known as 20A processors. So when you upgrade your PC, you're going to be hearing that term. The more transistors you can get on a processor, the more powerful they become. Up until recently, processors had been plateaued due to Moore's Law (which stated that transistors would double every 18 months). That had caused chip makers to put multiple processors on a chip. But we're at the end of Moore's Law now. But that hasn't stopped Apple. The latest M1 processor from Apple enjoys 16 BILLION transistors. Your mobile phone has about 11.8 billion. How far can it go? Well, that's what Ängström will find out.