Sam Abuelsamid and SuperCruising in Blue

Episode 1814 (22:38)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about GM's new Sierra truck that has supercruise that's a little bit too much like Ford's Blue Cruise. So much so that Ford is suing them for trademark infringement. One of the key features of the hands-free system is that it will only operate on a mapped highway, while Tesla's will work on any road. Sam says that a more conservative approach is the right move, saying you don't want to make your customers beta testers for a self-driving system that may not work as expected. Another feature is that when towing a trailer, the adaptive supercruise will detect how much break force or acceleration is being applied and factor in how much weight the trailer is towing. Then it will calculate the amount of distance required to slow down or speed up and respond appropriately.