What's a Good Laptop, Portable Printer, and Scanner?

Episode 1813 (1:54:31)

Larry from Tampa, FL
Thinkpad X1 Nano

Larry needs a basic laptop that will work with a portable printer and scanner. Recommendations? Leo would recommend the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano. It's a powerful 13" laptop that's very thin, yet robust. But it isn't upgradeable. 16GB of RAM, good battery life. Type-C and Type-A ports. It's a very good machine. As for portable scanners and printers, Leo recommends getting an all-in-one, if you can find one. Don't fall for thermal printers though. Those aren't what you're looking for. The paper isn't the best quality. HP makes a portable Office Jet, and a photo printer called the Tango. There's also the Canon Pixma TR150. Check out this list by PC Mag.  Here's also a list of the best portable scanners. Leo would go with the Epson DS-80W.