Can I Restore a Backup Onto a New Computer?

Episode 1813 (2:03:41)

Stacy from Camden, NJ

Stacy needs a laptop that can run a certain GPS program. Can he restore his backup data from iDrive onto a new computer and will it work? Leo says yes. It'll restore the data and all he will have to do is install the software. Then it'll be ready to go. But remember that if he's planning on uploading the backup, it may take a while to do. But it may be a good idea to make sure the GPS program will still work. If the company doesn't offer the GPS as a download, it may not be using the servers anymore. Can he back up the programs with iDrive too? Leo says no. That's really tricky to do since software relies on DLL files in an operating system. Programs have to be installed, not restored. There is a program mover called FunDuc that Leo has used. It'll do the best it can, but there's no guarantee it'll work right.