Should I Switch to the iPhone?

Episode 1812 (16:25)

James from Utica, NY

James is an Android person, but he recently got an iPad. He really likes it, and he's now thinking of switching to the iPhone. Is he missing anything? Leo says that Android is really more like a computer with a more open architecture, while iOS is far more locked down. That means a lot of apps or even updates are rejected to protect their users. Think of Apple as a gated community with more consistent operations rather than Android, which is a bit messier. What about updates? Leo says that Android updates are hit or miss, depending on what manufacturer you get. Samsung is more consistent, One Plus, not so much. Leo says that the pure Google experience will likely get you more updates than others. With Android, you not only have to wait for updates from Google, but those updates must be tested and released by the phone manufacturer and the carrier as well. Updates for the iPhone come straight from Apple.

If he had to choose, Leo would say go to the iPhone.