Sam Abuelsamid and the Electric Race

Episode 1812 (26:11)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about Formula E racing, the electric car version of Formula 1. In its seventh season, the cars are completely electric, with drivers having to swap cars when making a pit stop. Sam says it's really cool, as the cars sound more like TIE fighters from Star Wars than race cars. Sam says this weekend is the Formula E Championship taking place in the streets of New York. The cars are second generation and have gotten pretty large. Gen 3 will be coming out next year, promising smaller cars to make passing easier and more exciting.

Speaking of excitement, there's a lot of buzz around the new four-door Ford Bronco, which was announced and promptly sold out until 2022. The Bronco is four-wheel drive and will be a direct competitor to the Jeep Wrangler. The four-door Bronco also has extra space to remove the doors and stow them when drivers decide to go off-road. Some other interesting technology uses sensors for driver assistance and stability control to make off-roading safer, especially in tight trail turns. Trail Turn Assist will use the brake actuators of stability control to apply and lock the inside rear wheel to pivot tighter in a close turn. The cameras for driver-assist are also being used when the trail is too steep to see the road ahead.