Rod Pyle and Commercial Space Tourism

Episode 1812 (2:07:24)

Rod Pyle

Rod joins Leo to talk about Jeff Bezos' flight on July 20th in Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft, which will duplicate Alan Shepard's suborbital flight in 1961. He's also taking Wally Funk, who was tested in the 60s by the Lovelace Clinic with the same tests as the original Mercury astronauts. Rod will be speaking at Spacefest this year about how movies have predicted our spacefaring future. 

Rod says that commercializing spaceflight is a great thing, but it's going to be pretty expensive until they can get it cheap enough for the rest of us to be able to go up. But even then, it'll likely be at least five figures to go to space, even for a brief moment. It's one more step in that direction though, and it's an exciting time to be around.