Do I Still Need a Landline?

Episode 1812 (58:53)

JC from Sherman Oaks, CA
Landline Phone

JC has a landline for emergencies. Leo says that's a good idea because wired phones don't go out when there's a disaster. It's a smart thing to do. 911 is also far more accurate with physical landlines, versus cellphones that rely on e911 or Regional 911 service, which relies on GPS.  But why is universal lifeline service so expensive? He pays over $60 a month! Leo says that's outrageous. Things are so much different now, that you can rely more on phase 2 e911, which is getting your address from GPS longitude and latitude. So they get it from your cellphone: most are now in phase 2. Maybe if you call your cellular carrier and ask them, or tell your landline service you're considering canceling the service, they could cut you a deal.