What 4K TV is Best & Under $1000?

Episode 1811 (15:11)

Janice from California

Janice wants to get a new TV to replace an old 32" HD TV. Leo says that TCL makes a great 65" 4K TV for under $1,000. But Janice will also need to get a soundbar. Vizio makes a great soundbar for the money. So work that into the budget as well. What if money is no object? Leo says that OLED is really the way to go. LG and Sony make the best OLEDs. But they are expensive. What she will really want is an LED LCD TV with full-array local dimming (FALD). That'll give the best color and resolution. And since they are aggressive to get into the market, the TCL Series 6 is the way to go. 55" will be ideal for Janice at $948. If you get the White Glove service, they will ship it and set it up. Other good options are HiSense and Vizio.

Leo also says to avoid mounting above eye level. Don't mount it on a fireplace for instance.