Johnny Jet ... Record Setting

Episode 1810 (1:19:24)

Johnny Jet

Johnny joins Leo to talk about travel. Record-setting numbers from the TSA with more people going through security checkpoints than pre-pandemic numbers in 2019!  Most hotels are selling out now, but business hotels aren't because conferences aren't happening. So the best deals right now are at hotels that cater to business clients.  Travel Zoo - $199 San Francisco Hilton, incl. free parking.

Right now, there's a shortage of Uber/Lyft drivers, so passengers are waiting longer to get a pickup.  

Also, look now for great deals for traveling over the holidays.

Check out FrenchBee Airlines. One way trips to Paris for under $200. LaCompanie is all business class. But it's not cheap at $1200 one way out of Newark. 

Travel tip - Get your gas at least five miles from the airport before returning the car, and KEEP THE RECEIPT in case they charge you later for filling the tank.