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Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny volunteers as an IT guy for his church and he needs a good way to manage passwords for their social media accounts. Leo says that LastPass has a password sharing feature that allows people to log into accounts without knowing the password. He can also manage their permissions as well. That's how Leo does it.

Watch Frank from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Frank's Facebook account got hacked and changed his recovery options so he can't get it back. That's why Leo suggests turning on two-factor authentication so they can't change the password. Frank will need to contact Facebook to gain control back. They'll require an ID to authenticate. He can also assign a trusted contact, so they can verify that Frank has lost his account and he can get it back. 

Watch Barry from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Barry smashed his wife's iPhone XR and needs to replace it. Leo says that going to a repair shop can get the data off it. But if it's broken so bad that the circuitry is damaged, he may be out of luck. Here's an article on how to recover photos from an iPhone if Apple can't help. There's also EASEUS.

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Watch Kevin from OFallon, NJ Comments

Kevin can't run Edge or Google Chrome on his PC. They won't open. Leo suggests launching in safe mode and see if it opens. If it does, then it could be a malicious extension. And Edge does import extensions from Chrome, so Leo suspects that that's where the culprit is. Here's an article on what to do if Chrome doesn't open. And here's one for Edge. Leo says it's not a common issue and sounds like something happening locally. Not a good sign.

Watch Jack from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Jack's computer hard drive is only 256GB and it's full. Leo suggests moving the data to a secondary drive and using the main drive for just the operating system and the programs. He can then tell Windows in the hard drive settings where the data files should be written to. Check out the program WinDerStat. It'll give a color-coded chart on what is taking up room on the hard drive. What about user accounts? Leo says that Windows doesn't like it when the user directory is in a different drive. So he will just want to store the data itself. He can move the data folders, like music and photos, etc. that are in the user folders to the D drive. But not the user folder itself. Then he can go into settings and tell Windows where to store the data moving forward.

Watch Storm from Texas Comments

Storm's Windows 10 machine is being forced to upgrade to Windows 10 2004, but it fails every time and reverts to version 1909. She can't do anything because of it. Leo says that sometimes a Windows update gets stuck and you can't get past it. Check out this article on how to fix a stuck update. She can also try deleting all the updates and hotfixes and then try and run the update again.

But the issue seems likely to be that Storm's computer is too old, at over 10 years old, and it sounds like it's time to get a new computer. Then she can install Linux on this old machine and have some real fun. Leo recommends XUbuntu. Great for old, slow machines. There's also Tiny Linux and SmallDog Linux.

Another problem could be that the power supply has gone bad. Replace it and try again. 

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Watch Brian from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

Brian wants to project movies on the back of a house because it seems to be the best color for watching movies outside. What projector should he get? Leo says the brightest projector he can get! 25' is a great distance for a projector, and it won't be cheap to get one that can handle a long throw and have a brightness of over 1000 lumens. Epson makes a long throw projector called the Home Cinema that is 3300 lumens for around $600. That's a good price. He'd also want to get projector paint which can make the image look really good.

Watch Joseph from Riverside, CA Comments

Joseph would like a Chromebook recommendation for taking online classes. Leo says that a Chromebook would be great for that as many online courses even do their practice labs online. So it comes down to budget. Leo's favorite is the Acer Spin 713

Watch Andrew from Ventura, CA Comments

Andrew wants to know why ads don't appear on audio streaming. Leo says that broadcast ads are usually aimed at the local area the radio broadcast caters to. So on a stream, that doesn't apply. So they are either replaced with other generic ads or simply left blank. 

Andrew also has the DJI Mavic Zoom drone and he loves it. 

Watch Jeff from Knoxville, TN Comments

Jeff has an iPad and he can't remember the four-digit code to log in. How can he figure that out or should he just start over? Leo says there is no way to bypass the code in the iPad, and after ten times trying, the tablet will rewrite it. Chances are, his iCloud account has all the data, so that won't really be a big deal if the tablet gets overwritten.  Apple has a process if a user forgot their AppleID password. Go to iForgot

How about a Windows 10 computer? How can he get his passcode for that? If he has a Microsoft account, he can reset the password as well. Microsoft has an account recovery form