Should I Buy a Mirrorless Camera or Upgrade My iPhone?

Episode 1809 (11:15)

Mark from San Diego, CA
Sony a6000

Mark is an avid photographer, but his current camera is an iPhone 6S. Leo says that the iPhone takes great pictures. He was thinking about buying a new mirrorless camera, but he's seeing just how good the iPhone is. Should he buy a new camera or upgrade to the best iPhone out there? Leo says that the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be a definite upgrade with a third super-wide lens and the ability to do computational photography. But Leo says that a mirrorless camera gives you more manual control. Lenses also give you control over depth of field. The glass is really what you're going to keep long-term.  So it really comes down to what your style is shooting and whether you want to carry a camera bag or not.

Since Mark is shooting landscapes and other photos that require depth of field, Leo says that a Sony or Canon mirrorless camera will be the way to go. 

And if you want to get a new phone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max or the Google Pixel 4a both have fantastic cameras.