Wasn't Windows 10 the Last Version?

Episode 1808 (1:31:20)

Kenny from Tenneessee
Windows 11

Kenny has a few Windows computers and was sold the notion that Windows 10 was the last version we would get. Leo says that officially, Microsoft has never really said that, though it's attributed to them. It was a tech analyst who stated it and the media ran with it. But then again, Microsoft didn't correct the record until the announcement of Windows 11. And it's causing an uproar that it won't be supported on anything but the most recent computers. Most are going to be left behind if they don't buy a new computer. But one way to go is a Mac, that will run Windows virtually. That could be the future of Windows. The M1 Macbook Pro runs circles around anything else on the market right now, and there's talk that the next generation M1X is right around the corner.