Can I Move to Belize & Have an American Phone Number?

Episode 1808 (1:12:20)

Scott from Inland Empire, CA
Google Voice

Scott is moving to Belize to retire, but he'll be keeping a business presence in the US. Would Google Voice be a good option for him? How's the WiFi with Google? Leo says that if he wants to keep an American number, a dual sim phone would be a good option. But Google Voice would be a great option because Google can route the call to the Belize phone without anyone knowing. It's the best of both worlds. And in a year, getting internet access from Starlink would mean it really doesn't matter where he's living in this world, he'll have 100MB or better internet access. While it's still in Beta, Scott may even be able to get it now for about $99 a month, plus $500 for the gear. But it may be restricted in Scott's new country. Check out to know for sure.