How Can I Connect My TV to My Sonos Speakers?

Episode 1807 (33:49)

Jason from Henrico, VA
Sonos Speaker

Jason is blind and wants to route the audio from his TIVO to his Sonos speakers, so he can hear all over the house. Leo says that electronics "age out," and Sonos deprecated a lot of gear in a recent update. So there has to be a third-party workaround. If your Sonos has a line in, you could hardwire it. That's the way to go. But the Roam Bluetooth speaker doesn't. There is a raspberry pi way to do it using a Pi-Sonos server. It's cheap too at $35 for the Pi. There's an Instructable on how to do it. There's also an Airplay 2 transmitter from TicCorp that can do it. But it's $200. Belkin also makes one for around $100.