What Printer Should I Buy?

Episode 1806 (1:08:45)

Jody from Los Angeles, CA

Jody needs to replace his printer. He'd like to get one that prints in color. He doesn't want an EcoTank because it's too expensive for his needs. Leo says the EcoTank is a bit pricey, but it comes with two years of ink for free. But he also doesn't want an inkjet unless he can print every day. A color laser printer can provide "business color" and do it at a lower cost per page.  And he can get a color laser printer for a few hundred dollars. Brother makes one for $200. Model 3210. Leo has a Brother and it's quite good. It prints at 19ppm, so it's pretty fast too. Does it have a scanner? Leo says no. Jody wants an all-in-one for that. And since Jody uses it for business, an Epson EcoTank would be the way to go. Get it at Costco. They give more ink.

Avoid HP though. They copy-protect their printers, forcing users to buy their ink. That's bad.