Johnny Jet ...on the Road Again

Episode 1806 (1:19:00)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is back traveling, having recently traveled to New York. TSA is allowing over 2 million through airports daily. So travel is back in a huge way. And the EU recently lifted travel restrictions from the US. But in Malta, only 38 states are allowed to travel there. It's basically a podge at this point, so make sure you check with the State Department website, or the country's site before you book internationally. 

In other travel news, mask restrictions have largely been lifted for traveling, but a lot of people are still wearing them. But there's a shortage of pilots and personnel, causing some flights to get canceled. Reservations are also backed up because there are not enough reservation agents. The TSA is also short-handed, so check in advance before you head to the airport. You should also take to Twitter to not only find out more information but to contact them for help.