How Can I Move Contacts to My New Android Phone?

Episode 1806 (1:32:00)

Anthony from Ventura, CA

Anthony bought a OnePlus 8 Pro. It cost him $1,000! But he can't access any Microsoft services like OneDrive or Outlook on his old Windows phone. Leo says that Microsoft has given up Windows phone development, so it's likely the servers have been turned off. Tony has been trying to move the data over to Android though, his contacts, etc. How can he do that? Leo says to go to People.Live.Com and log in. Can he do it phone to phone with a cable connection? Leo says that if he can connect the phone to the Windows computer, then he can export the Windows Phone contacts into a format he can copy to the PC. Comma-separated is likely the best, and then import that into Android. He can also back it up to an SD card from the phone and then move it over to the PC with a card reader. Hopefully, it'll be in either CSV or VCF formats. Then he can import it to Google Contacts and then sync it to the OnePlus phone.