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Episode 1806 June 19, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Walt from San Diego, CA Comments

Walt is a farmer who has several high-tech water controllers that are connected by his Asus AC2900 router. But he needs a better range to reach the controllers that are at the extreme end. Leo says that WiFi goes about 100-150 feet. So those on the edge of that will fade out depending on the conditions. Leo thinks a mesh system would be beneficial, but Walt says that the controllers don't support MESH. Leo says that may be due to the 5GHz band. Orbi makes an outdoor router system that could work, but he'll have to make sure it doesn't connect to 5ghz. Make sure the Asus is set to 2.4Ghz first. Also, raise the router higher. Leo also suggests Walt heads over to for more tips and tricks on how to maximize WiFi Range. 

From the chatroom - Turn off universal beamforming, set the channel changing to manual, and then aAC2900djust it to 20mhz.  Leo recommends downloading InSSIDer, which will let him map the channels in use to determine congestion and avoid it.  He can also get an external antenna to aim at those controllers directionally. He could go to WiFi 6, but it's probable the controller won't support it. But if it does, then he'll have much better range. Another option is powerline networking. It's the least expensive, and probably the one that will work.

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Watch Richard from Westlake Village Comments

Richard is having problems logging into Windows on an old HP computer. He's tried to reset the password, but it's not communicating with Microsoft. Leo says that if there isn't anything on the computer he can't afford to lose, then the best thing is probably to start over and reinstall Windows. Not just reset. But reinstall with the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. Make sure to erase the existing accounts. Start completely over.  And that's not a bad thing, because whoever worked on the computer before, clearly messed up the reset. He can even go so far as to remove the partitions or even format the hard drive.

Watch Jody from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jody needs to replace his printer. He'd like to get one that prints in color. He doesn't want an EcoTank because it's too expensive for his needs. Leo says the EcoTank is a bit pricey, but it comes with two years of ink for free. But he also doesn't want an inkjet unless he can print every day. A color laser printer can provide "business color" and do it at a lower cost per page.  And he can get a color laser printer for a few hundred dollars. Brother makes one for $200. Model 3210. Leo has a Brother and it's quite good. It prints at 19ppm, so it's pretty fast too. Does it have a scanner? Leo says no. Jody wants an all-in-one for that. And since Jody uses it for business, an Epson EcoTank would be the way to go. Get it at Costco. They give more ink.

Avoid HP though. They copy-protect their printers, forcing users to buy their ink. That's bad.

Watch Anthony from Ventura, CA Comments

Anthony bought a OnePlus 8 Pro. It cost him $1,000! But he can't access any Microsoft services like OneDrive or Outlook on his old Windows phone. Leo says that Microsoft has given up Windows phone development, so it's likely the servers have been turned off. Tony has been trying to move the data over to Android though, his contacts, etc. How can he do that? Leo says to go to People.Live.Com and log in. Can he do it phone to phone with a cable connection? Leo says that if he can connect the phone to the Windows computer, then he can export the Windows Phone contacts into a format he can copy to the PC. Comma-separated is likely the best, and then import that into Android. He can also back it up to an SD card from the phone and then move it over to the PC with a card reader. Hopefully, it'll be in either CSV or VCF formats. Then he can import it to Google Contacts and then sync it to the OnePlus phone. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Jerry from Santa Rosa, CA Comments

Jerry bought a new Netgear AC1750 WiFi Modem/Router for his home network, replacing his cable modem. Leo says he wants to be sure it uses DOCSIS 3.1. It's much faster. But his streaming audio buffers all the time. Leo says the problem isn't the router, it's the internet connection. Get the ISP to come out and check the signal into the house. Then he can decide if the problem is his or theirs. It could also just be congestion.

Watch Vince from Paris, CA Comments

Vince wants to get his daughter a laptop for college. He'd like to keep it under $400. Leo says a lot of it depends on what his daughter is going to study. Leo likes a Macbook Air, but it's between $900-1100. But he can get college pricing. Still, it's a solid student computer. There is a good Chromebook - the Acer Spin. But chances are, she's going to want something more capable. Also, take a look at the windows version ... the Acer Aspire. Costco though has the Acer Swift for a good price. $600. Keep in mind though, when the price drops below $500, they cut corners in terms of durability. Quality of parts, etc. He will want one that will last her all four years. The MacBook Air will do that.

Watch Karen from San Pedro, CA Comments

Karen has a Windows 10 computer that gives her a message saying her settings are out of date. Leo says Windows won't send that message to her. But her mail program would. And since her mail has disappeared, then it may be that since Verizon is selling Yahoo, AT&T is telling Karen to update her settings. She will want to go into the mail program and delete the account. It won't delete the mail, just the portal to get it. Then Karen will have to re-add it using her login and password. The credentials Karen used to use won't work anymore. Use moving forward. There's also word that AT&T wants users to use a "secure mail key" in order to access their email. Which is a nightmare. What they want her to do is just use the browser email. Here are a few articles to help. Here. And Here.