Sam Abuelsamid - Over the Air

Episode 1805 (25:44)


Sam says that computer processors have been in cars since the late 70s, as manufacturers have sought to improve the efficiency of car engines. But with each new feature, Sam says it seems that another processor gets added to the overall car design. Now just about everything in your car is controlled by a processor, and they're getting more and more powerful. The more advanced a car is, the more code to control it. Some cars have over 100 million lines of computer code. So they are quite complicated and powerful. But with the rise in power, comes a rise in price.

And with the need to have a powerful car, comes other issues. Software in cars needs to be updated, and sometimes that update goes wrong and your car gets "bricked" or becomes nonoperational. Car manufacturers also have to support modern cars over the life of the vehicle with constant over-the-air updates that have to happen every quarter. Manufacturers are spending hundreds of millions a year on updates to cars.  Manufacturers have to monetize somehow to manage those costs, and so look for ads to come to your infotainment system in the near future.