Rod Pyle and Billionaires in Space

Episode 1805 (2:08:14)

Rod Pyle

Rod is back with more space news, particularly, that former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is planning on going on the first flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft. Blue Origin has been testing the new Shepard rocket and capsule on a parabolic arc for several years and has reached the point to become man rated. So Jeff Bezos is not only taking the first flight but he's auctioned off the couch next to him for $28 million for someone to go with him. That's a lot for a 12-minute flight. But it's for charity. OTH, if you doubled that, you could fly aboard SpaceX and spend two weeks on the ISS. 

The flight is expected to happen on July 20, 2021. 

Meanwhile, Richard Branson has announced he's going to fly on his Virgin Galactic space plane before then. 

In other space news, China's Mars Rover took a "selfie" of itself next to the Mars lander. It dropped a camera on the ground and then posed for it. JPL has also managed to clean off the solar panels on their Insight Lander using a special technique of using grains of sand to push dust off the solar panels. And it worked!