How Can I Back Up My Gmail Data?

Episode 1805 (45:10)

David from Redondo Beach, CA

David has been doing 3-2-1 backups, but he has 10GB of Gmail data. How can he back that up? That's a lot of backup data. Leo says he can use Google Takeout, but 10GB will take a long time to backup and it doesn't really answer the issue of interoperability. It would be ideal if he could just move the data from one service to another without having to download it first and put the computer in the middle. It's also in a format that another service may not understand. There are a few companies out there that offer Gmail backup to a different cloud service. Leo has used Backupify. Spin Backup. UpSafe. CloudHQ does real-time transfer from Gmail to Box, OneDrive, and others. Here's a comprehensive list per ZDNet.