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Watch Ann Marie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ann Marie wants to be able to childproof her iPad for her grandchildren. Especially on YouTube. Leo says that there's a lot of sketchy things on YouTube that are aimed at children, that parents wouldn't want them to see. Fortunately, iOS has parental controls to prevent access. It's under "screen time." Go into settings, then screen time. She can then create a parental passcode and set up restrictions. Also, there are YouTube Kids, which she can give them access to, instead. But the best way to protect them is to sit them down and talk to them about what they shouldn't be exposed to. Teach them to be able to identify it and then take the action to get away from it. But parental controls are a good backstop. 

Watch David from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

David has been doing 3-2-1 backups, but he has 10GB of Gmail data. How can he back that up? That's a lot of backup data. Leo says he can use Google Takeout, but 10GB will take a long time to backup and it doesn't really answer the issue of interoperability. It would be ideal if he could just move the data from one service to another without having to download it first and put the computer in the middle. It's also in a format that another service may not understand. There are a few companies out there that offer Gmail backup to a different cloud service. Leo has used Backupify. Spin Backup. UpSafe. CloudHQ does real-time transfer from Gmail to Box, OneDrive, and others. Here's a comprehensive list per ZDNet.

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Watch Joe from Burlington, NJ Comments

Joe is putting his family history together. This includes all the photos and videos as well. But the problem is, he has a few hundred zip disks and doesn't know how to access them. He has a zip drive, but he needs a parallel to USB converter. Leo says he can get them on Amazon for a pretty decent price. But he will need to get one that has the right connector. It's the iEEE 1284. He also wants to be sure he doesn't get one that's for printers. It has to be bidirectional.

Then he has to be sure the zip drive shows up as a mass storage device or drive. Here's how to get it working.

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry watches youtube videos from Louis Rossman who fixes Apple products. Apple wants to just sell new products and replace them, not repair them. Leo agrees that people have a right to repair their property, but it's more complicated than that. There are security issues and intellectual property issues. But what Apple does to prevent third-party repair is terrible. People should always get a second opinion.

More than half of state legislatures have passed right-to-repair bills, with companies like Apple and John Deere lobbying heavily against it.

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Watch Richard from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Richard recently checked his Outlook/Comcast email and it's now requiring a new user name and password. He hasn't input it in a long time and can't remember it. Leo says that it should be the same password as logging into Richard's Comcast account to get his webmail. Outlook can lose its settings from time to time, especially after being updated. So it may be that Richard just has to re-input the Comcast user name and password. But he may also need to input the mail settings. Google "How to setup Comcast Mail with Outlook." has several pages, based on the version of Outlook you're using. Follow the instructions step by step.

Watch John from Moorpark, CA Comments

John's friend has a Windows computer from her deceased husband that she can't log into. It's used though. Leo says the best thing to do is start over if she doesn't want the data off it. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, save it to a thumb drive, and then plug it into the computer. Then boot to it, and reinstall Windows. It'll wipe the drive and give her a pristine version of Windows.

But if she wants the data, then she'll probably have to take it into a computer shop and pull the data off. She can pull the hard drive out and use a Universal hard drive adapter to connect it to the computer and she can get the data off that way as well.

Watch Dave from Ridgecrest,CA Comments

Dave is looking to get a new phone and he's a senior citizen. He just needs a phone to make calls. Leo says that Jitterbug has rebranded to Lively, and they have some good options for the older set. There are models with larger buttons and even some that connect directly to hearing aids. Check out the SeniorLink Reviews. Leo also recommends Blu Joy CellPhone.