How Can I Connect to Wi-Fi on an RV?

Episode 1804 (1:35:22)

Jan from Riverside, CA

Jan and her husband bought an RV and want to know how to get online while traveling. Leo says there are three ways. 1) There will probably be Wi-Fi at any campground or RV park she can stop at. But it will likely be overloaded and slow. 2) She can hotspot from the cellular carrier. She can open up a phone for it or pick up a MiFi card to handle multiple devices. It'll be dependent on the coverage map though. Lastly, she can get an RV satellite connection. The problem there is they have to re-aim it every time they stop, and they will not work while they drive. The latency will also be a challenge and she won't have a lot of bandwidth. However, Elon Musk's Starlink company has the potential to offer very low latency satellite wifi and the dish automatically follows the satellites as she moves. But it's not cheap....$500 for the gear and $99 a month.

So those are the options.