The Giz Wiz and the Tiny Charger

Episode 1804 (2:09:05)


This week's gadget from the Giz Wiz is Anker's new Nano II series of chargers ... the first in the world to take advantage of Gallium Nitride (GaN) II technology. The new Nano II lineup includes 65, 45, and 30 watt chargers - smaller and faster-charging options for consumers. This new generation of Nano II charger series is not only smaller and more portable but also makes a leap forward in compatibility and charging safety. The entire lineup comes with a single USB-C port powered by the latest version of Anker’s own Power IQ 3.0 technology, which charges the iPhone up to 3 times faster than the 5W stock charger, and is compatible with Samsung Super Fast Charging. The 65W Nano II charger is the same size as the 30W Atom PD 1 but more than twice as powerful. It can charge most smartphones, tablets, or any USB-C Laptops. For those looking to travel light, the 30W charger is as small as a 5W stock charger but can handle a Nintendo Switch or even the latest Macbook Air. The 45W charger is slightly larger than the 30W. The extra 15 watts are enough to keep Chromebooks and other mid-sized notebooks charged. Additionally, both the 45W and 65W options feature foldable plugs for easier packing. As opposed to silicon, which is typically used in most chargers, GaN provides a more efficient way to disperse heat, allowing chargers to safely operate at faster speeds.

The 30W model retails for $29.99, the 45W for $35.99, and the 65W for $39.99, with shipping starting in the middle of June.

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