Is There a Microphone That Can Connect to My Headphones?

Episode 1803 (43:11)

Jim from Winnetka, CA
Giveet Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver

Jim is hard of hearing and would like to know if there's an app or something that will enable him to boost his hearing aids or use bone-conducting headphones to hear. Leo says that there are in the iPhone. The iPhone will route sound to your hearing aids if they are modern. But if you want to use bone-conducting headphones, then you'll end up with some lag via Bluetooth. There's no lag with hearing aids because they use RF Radio technology and not Bluetooth. But if you need Bluetooth, then there are various wireless microphones that can do what Jim needs. The Sabine Tech Smartmic Lavalier may work. But they are designed to connect to a phone, not to use with headphones. Avantree is a transmitter that will connect to your TV or other devices and then connect to bone-conducting headphones via APTX, a high res Bluetooth profile. That could work. There's also the GIVEET Bluetooth 5 Transmitter.