How Do I Change From AOL to Another Email Provider?

Episode 1803 (1:29:07)

Carmen from Victorville, CA

Carmen is concerned that Verizon sold its AOL service. How will that affect her, and could she take her AOL email to another provider? Leo says that rather than tying herself to an ISP email provider, use Gmail or a separate provider. Gmail is free, and you can transfer your email over to it, even forward your AOL service. Leo likes to use FastMail, a paid service that has all those features and more. 

The best thing to do is to buy your own domain and then use that email address with a third-party provider like Gmail. Then, if you want to change the service, you can and not have to change your email address ever again.

So set up a new account, and then have your AOL mail forwarded to it. Then make a gradual transition by asking people to start using a new address in the footer of your emails. Google how to forward your email to Gmail, and you'll get step-by-step instructions.