Why's My Mouse Lagging on All My Computers?

Episode 1802 (40:40)

Joe from Ladera Ranch, CA
3M™ Precise™ Mouse Pad

Joe started noticing that his mouse has become very laggy, jumping around when he uses it. This happens on his MacBook Pro and his Surface Book Pro, plus a third. Leo says that since they are wireless, to try and wired mouse and see if it still happens. If not, then that points to the mouse itself. Maybe some radio interference? If it still happens, then the next step is to check the updates and update them. Leo says that as strange as it sounds, it could be the mouse pad. There's a great MP called the precision mouse pad that could help. Or, it could be malware that's causing it. But unlikely since malware is targeted to specifical operating systems. He can also run AUTORUNS from Microsoft's SysInternals, and Process Explorer. They can tell him if something is running in the background that could be causing it on Windows.