Johnny Jet ... Back from the Desert

Episode 1802 (1:19:00)

Johnny Jet

Johnny just got back from a trip to Palm Desert, which he drove to this time around. With the latest Covid variants affecting kids, it's best to stay grounded for a while. 

Travel Tip of the week - there's a new scam where if you see photographers taking pictures and you stop to do the same, it may be a setup in order to break into your car and steal everything. So be on the lookout. And do NOT leave anything valuable in your car.

Travel News - United Airlines is adding supersonic jet service. United has ordered 15 Overture Aircraft from Boom Supersonic. The new planes promise zero emissions, but Johnny says he'll believe it when he sees it. And the price for a flight to London will start at $5,000.

In other news, Royal Caribbean has reversed it's policy to mandate vaccinations when it returns to cruising in July, bowing to pressure by the state of Florida to fine cruise lines 5,000 per passenger.