The Giz Wiz and the Travel Kit

Episode 1802 (2:19:40)

The Giz Wiz

This week's gadget is a kit for getting back to traveling. It includes the MLVOC Travel Pillow Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow, with 3D Contoured Eye Masks, Earplugs, and Luxury Bag. The company says their adjustable rope lock lets you adjust the angle and the size of the pillow, meeting different neck size requirements. The luxury memory foam filler uses "5-second return technology". About $21 - $22 as of 6/5/21


This link shows the VENTO brand with the exact same photo & the same 3 items, pillow, sleep mask, & earplugs for only $15 as of 6/5/2021 -- but that changes at any time.   Affiliate link. You pay the same but Giz Wiz Biz earns from a qualified purchase.  

GizWiz link here.