What iPad Should I Buy?

Episode 1801 (1:43:11)

Thomas from Detroit, MI
 iPad Air

Thomas is looking to get an iPad to supplement his iPhone and iMac. The 12.9" iPad Pro seems too big. So he's looking at the 11". Or should he get the iPad Air? Leo says to get the iPad Air. It has a true motion screen, can now use the Apple Pencil, and is a great first iPad. It's also just as fast or even faster. Not to mention a lot less expensive. It also has the A14 Bionic chip, which is essentially the M1 processor. The only real advantage the pro models have is storage. The Air only gets him 256GB. But that's enough.

What about the Thunderbolt 3 option? Leo says he won't miss it, since he'll have USB-C anyway. Should he get the Cellular version? Leo says that's just going to add another subscription and an unnecessary expense. He can hotspot it, or just use WiFi whever he is. 

Get the Air!